Teaching to Mastery-Bar Modeling A Problem-solving Tool
Bar Modeling A Problem-solving Tool
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About the Author
Dr. Yeap Ban Har teaches mathematics education courses at the National Institute of Education, a teacher education institute in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. His research interests include problem solving and problem posing, early numeracy, and teacher professional development. He holds a Master of Education, a Master of Arts in Southeast Asian Studies, and a doctorate in mathematics education and has served on the editorial board of two mathematics education journals -- Mathematical Thinking and Learning and The Mathematics Educator. Dr Yeap has written several mathematics textbooks based on the Singapore Mathematics approach, as well as articles and chapters in various mathematics education publications including articles on bar modeling in journals such as Mathematics Teaching in Middle Schools and Mathematics Teaching. His recent publications include a chapter in an International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICIM) study publication and Pedagogy of Engaged Mathematics Learning.

Teaching to Mastery - Bar Modeling: A Problem-solving Tool is a professional development book written for mathematics educators who are interested to learn more about bar modeling as a problem-solving tool in mathematics. Backed by research studies, this book will help educators see how various types of bar models can be used to solve mathematical word problems and learn the techniques of deriving, drawing and manipulating bar models. With extensive examples, guided questions, and practice problems, this book provides insights into the pedagogy of the model method. Above is an extract from Bar Modeling: A Problem-solving Tool (reproduced with the permission of the publishers). Other titles in this series:
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Our recommendation:
Bar Modeling, a Problem-solving tool is recommended as a self-study or professional development book for educators who want to become more comfortable with and skilled at solving word problems with bar models in order to better assist students in using the tool effectively. It is NOT a book for students at the Primary level. It is primarily useful for teachers using Primary Mathematics 3-6, since this tool is more effective for multi-step word problems than single-step word problems, but some ideas can be used for second grade. It will provide teachers with effective approaches to solving some of the more complex word problems generally found in later levels of Primary Mathematics. It does not provide scripted lessons for the teacher to use with students. It teaches the teacher.

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