Primary Math HOME Instr Guide U.S. Ed 1A
Primary Math Home Instr Guide 1A
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ISBN 9781932906165
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The Home Instructor's Guide will help you to understand the important concepts of the Primary Mathematics (U.S. Edition) curriculum and how these concepts fit in with the program as a whole. It will provide suggestions to help you to introduce each new concept concretely and use the textbook effectively. It includes additional activities for reinforcement and practice and a suggested weekly schedule.

The guide contains:
  • Notes to the instructor with some mathematical background for each section in the textbook
  • Objectives for each chapter
  • Teaching activities using manipulatives where appropriate
  • Reinforcement and enrichment activities
  • Answers and solutions to corresponding textbook pages and learning tasks for the lesson, to be discussed with the student
  • Answers to the corresponding workbook exercises and solutions to many of the problems
  • Mental math pages
This guide can be used with Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition textbooks and workbooks. It cannot be used with Primary Mathematics Standard Edition or Common Core Edition books.

The "Manipulatives" section on page vii of the first printing of this Home Instructor's Guide refers to an appendix. However, the pages for this appendix was inadvertently left out. We apologize for this printing error. All new printings include the appendix. If you happen to have the first printing of this book, you can download the missing appendix pages here.

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Price $14.70

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